Construction Industry Trends to Look Out for in 2022 – Latest Heavy Construction Equipment News

The past few years have been the cause of doubt and uncertainty for the industry, but after the turbulence of these past years, 2022 is expected to be a step in the right direction for construction. While the problems that plague the construction industry persist, industry leaders and manufacturers are rising to the challenge and coming up with innovative solutions for them. There have been strict regulations put in place which have significantly helped in reducing the error and waste margin.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the industry and has managed to change how business is conducted in the industry. Since everything from scheduling and the hiring of workers to project closeouts have been affected by the pandemic, it is naturally expected that industry trends will also be impacted by it. Besides CAT used construction machinery you will also find more and more technology being integrated at construction sites, resulting in a better ability to win project bids and an increase in profit margins. With these latest trends and technologies being introduced, the role of frontline workers and industry professionals has also changed. With the industry becoming more and more competitive and the market shifting unpredictably, it is important to know how all these construction trends can work in favor of your business.

Wearable Innovations

One way that the pandemic has impacted the industry is by forcing it to update its safety guidelines. There have been new cleanliness and strict safety protocols that have been put in place during this time. With this, we have seen more equipment being introduced that can identify common safety issues by itself and eliminate them one by one. We can also find more and more wearable innovations at the worksite. There are work boots that can connect to Wi-Fi and alert someone in case of a fall and task robots that can lay bricks autonomously and build scaffolding.

Smart Contracts

The construction industry has had to rely on technology more than ever before, especially since these technologies make construction more efficient. Blockchain technology makes it easier for everyone in an organization to buy, track, and pay for services through a single shared system. Smart contracts allow businesses to have a fast-paced workflow which is both secure and more productive. With smart contracts, businesses can set rules and deadlines in one system and the blockchain will enforce them, resulting in faster closeouts and better project tracking.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, or AR, is already a billion-dollar market, and it is expected to grow tenfold by the end of the decade. Augmented reality makes project staging much more efficient as it makes wearable technology and 3D visualization of projects possible. With the help of augmented reality, it is possible to simulate architectural structures and any changes needed in a fast and affordable way.

Modular and Offsite Construction

The modular construction market has been growing in the past few years, and it does not seem like it is going to stop anytime soon. It is expected that by 2025 the market for modular construction will grow over $100 billion. The cost-cutting technology that modular construction utilizes paired with the shortage of skilled labor in the industry are what makes it so popular today. Another benefit of modular construction is that it makes it possible for employees to work in a climate-controlled atmosphere. It is an ideal situation for anyone looking to maintain social distance.


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